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Congratulations on your acceptance to DMU!We are delighted to have you as a new member ofDMU. The registration days for 2016 Spring Semester are from 3 to 4, March, 2016. The schoolaccommodation officially opens to new students on March 1, 2016. Starting at university can feel likestepping into the unknown, but there is no need to worry. By completing all relevant tasks in thechecklist below, you can ensure your arrival at DMU goes smoothly.  
Visa Application

You may apply for your Chinese Visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country. When applying for your visa, please remember to bring along with you your valid passport, the original copy of the university’s admission notice and a Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form). Do make sure that your letter of admission and your JW201/JW202 form is handed back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will need these documents to apply for your Residence Permit after your arrival in Dalian.

International Students who will be studying in China for more than 6 months are required to obtain an ‘X1’ Visa. You are discouraged from arriving in China ahead of time due to the short time limit of your visa. Furthermore, you are not eligible to apply for a Residence Permit until you are a registered student of DMU, after the day of registration.

Students who will be staying and studying in China for less than 6 months may apply for an ‘X2’ Visa.

Note: The ‘X1’ Visa will only be valid for 30 days after your arrival. You must apply for a Residence Permit within these 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China at Dalian Public Security Bureau.

For information regarding the location and the contacts of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country, please visit the following website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Important: Once you arrive in Dalian, you must ensure the Dalian Maritime University has your current address at all times. If, for any reason, Dalian Public Security Bureau wishes to contact you they will reply on the address the university has for you.