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This section covers the academic calendar of the university, academic issues including course categories, class enrollment, grades, credits, graduation requirements etc. for current students of different programs, so that students of different programs will be able to have a brief view on the study life of the university. We hope all current students would take the most advantage of university resources, make each moment count and enjoy studying at DMU.
Housing&Miscellaneous Facilities

International Students may live on campus at Yihua Apartments. Students who live on campus must abide by the rules and regulations of their residence.
Students may also choose to live off campus under the condition that they must register themselves at the police station of their residential area and obtain Accommodation Certificate from the local police station. If you are living off campus, do ensure that your rental contract with you landlord is legitimate and reliable.
Students who changed their address and contact information while they are studying at DMU must inform ISEC of their new and recent address, telephone number and email. It is important for the staffs of ISEC to be able to contact its students because it often sends out important notifications to them. ISEC maintains a strict policy of keeping all contact information confidential.

On-campus Miscellaneous Facilities
Students may dine at various canteens and restaurants on campus. The restaurants nearby are usually a little more expansive than the cafeterias. Convenient stores such as Haida Market can be found on campus students may purchase their daily necessities as well as groceries. Do look up the campus map to find out the location of these stores.
Other facilities miscellaneous facilities that are available in PKU include: hospitals, post office, ATM, bookstores, laundry and photo development shop.