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Dalian Maritime University (DMU) was enrolled in the first batch of institutions under Chinese Government Scholarship Program in 1955. As one of the largest and best maritime universities and the only key maritime institution under the Ministry of Transport, China, DMU was entrusted by China
Scholarship Council and Liaoning Provincial Government to conduct independent recruitment of
scholarship students since 2008. Up to now, hundreds of international students under this scholarship
from all over the world have been educated at DMU. 
Apart from the full scholarships, DMU also provides self-funded students with Dalian Government
Scholarship and DMU Scholarships as partial scholarships.
DMU Scholarships

For attracting more international students to study in DMU, the DMU Scholarships for Excellent International Students had been established to sponsor the international students who study in DMU. The detailed information of the scholarships is as followed:

Ⅰ Category of Scholarship
Excellent New Students Award (including new language students, new preparatory students, new undergraduates and master’s students), Excellent Undergraduates Award, Excellent Master’s Degree Students Award, Good Progress Award and Excellent Graduates Award.

Ⅱ Values of Scholarship
Excellent New Students Award: 2,000RMB
Excellent Language Students Award: 2,000RMB
Excellent Undergraduates Award: up to 8,000RMB
Excellent Master’s Degree Students Award: up to 10,000RMB
Good Progress Award: 1,000RMB
Excellent Graduates Award: up to 40,000RMB

Ⅲ Rewarding form
The winners can enjoy payment discount in the next study term at DMU, even for different learning programs.

Ⅳ Application & Selection Period
May (in Spring semester) and November (in Autumn semester).
Ⅴ Application Qualification
1. Complying with Chinese laws and regulations and DMU discipline.
2. Respecting the customs of Chinese people, maintaining friendship among peoples.
3. Respecting teachers and uniting fellow students with good conduct.
4. Excellent academic performance, good attendance, and good daily behavior.
5. Having participated in at least one activity or contest of university-level or above organized by DMU; students who actively participated in activities or contests on/off campus and achieved good results or made great contributions to school would be priorities among all the applicants.

Ⅵ Way to contact
Student Affairs Office of International Education College, Dalian Maritime University
Tel/Fax: 86-411-84723025