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Study in DMU, Advancing for the Blue Dream--The 4th Dalian Maritime University International Students Forum Is about to Open
November 23, 2023

Dear International Students of DMU

In order to provide opportunities for exchange, sharing, and mutual learning among international students of DMU, set up a stage for international students to showcase themselves and exercise their abilities, encourage them to actively tell their stories with the "the Belt and Road", express their views and aspects on the sustainable development of transportation, or share the gains and growth of study in DMU, the Study in DMU, Advancing for the Blue Dream--The 4th DMU International Students Forum” will commence on Nov. 29th, which is going to display DMU international students good spiritual outlook, as well as their sense of mission and responsibility to jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. After preliminary submission and review, a total of 16 international students have been nominated for this forum. The specific information and arrangements are as follows:


大连海事大学留学生教育中心/International Students’ Education Center of DMU


20231129日(周三)14:00-16:30 / 14:00-16:30, Nov. 29th (Wed), 2023


留学生教育中心三楼308309教室/Classroom 308, 309 of ISEC Teaching Building

四、论坛流程/Detailed Agenda

三、评审程序/Evaluation Method


Essay review: The Essay Evaluation Committee of the International Students’ Education Center evaluates the content, format, language, ideology, and other aspects of the essay with full mark as 100.


Presentation review: The Essay Evaluation Committee of the International Students’ Education Center evaluates the comprehensive performance of the speaker on the forum with full mark as 100.


The final score of the speakers consists of two parts: the essay review score and the presentation review score (each accounting for 50%).

、奖项设置/Award settings:


Each group will issue two 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes, and three 3rd prizes;


Certificates and prizes will be presented to the winners, and the enrolled essays will be included in the “Study in DMU, Advancing for the Blue Dream” --The 4rd DMU International Students Forum Excellent Essay Collection”.


We sincerely invite DMU international students to attend the forum, and let’s communicate and listen to each other, progress and grow together.


International students who want to attend the forum please scan the QR code before 17:00 November 27th to register.

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