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Graduated International Students Participated in the “Haida Impression" -2023 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of Dalian Maritime University
June 29, 2023

In the midsummer of June, DMU is full of youthful atmosphere and enthusiasm. 28 international graduates, dressed in solemn Academic dress, were excited to participate in the 2023 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Dalian Maritime University, which was held on June 27.

At the ceremony, on behalf of overseas students, ARROYAVE MARTINEZ DANIEL from Colombia presented flowers to parent representatives to express gratitude to parents.


HANIFA MAZAYA JENIKO from Indonesia presented flowers to the faculty representatives to express profound friendship.


NADYROV KHOMIDZHON from Russia received graduation gifts as well as warm wishes and expectations from the president of the university.


The international students also meticulously created slogans titled "Gratitude to DMU, Gratitude to China" to once again express their gratefulness.


Prof. Sun Yuqing, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal of the university expressed earnest hope to all graduates in his speech "Embrace Time, Achieve a Better Self". He hoped that students would embrace the new era, achieve themselves in the tide of the times, and achieve the future. Whether it's ten years, twenty years, thirty years, or fifty years after graduation, DMU will always be here, open its arms to its graduates to return home!

Congratulations to the international students on their successful graduation, and wish you all, together with all the graduates of DMU, to embark on a journey towards the future and set sail for the blue dream.

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