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The 2023 International Student Graduation Party "Departing for the Future" was Successfully Held
June 29, 2023

In June, the scorching sun shines like fire, and cicadas chirp loudly; In June, we graduated and set sail for the future!

In order for international students from all over the world to celebrate the important moment of successful graduation in the University, bid farewell to the unforgettable time of studying in DMU, and set sail for the bright future, the 2023 International Student Graduation Party of the International Students Education Center opened happily on the afternoon of June 27. Ma Mingfei, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of DMU, Liu Shaoman, Director of the International Students Education Center, staff members, and graduating international students gathered together by the Xinhai Lake to celebrate this beautiful moment.


Liu Shaoman delivered a speech to the party, hoping that when feeling lost, the graduates will not be confused by the temporary trouble; when encountering difficulties, please continue to persevere; in the process of growth, one should experience more storms and hardships. Expressing earnest expectations for the graduates.


As representatives of graduates, NADYROV KHOMIDZHON from Russia, and HANIFA MAZAYA JENIKO from Indonesia shared their stories of study at DMU. They expressed their gratitude to China for giving learning opportunities, to DMU for giving care and training, and to DMU teachers and students for giving support and help. Every moment of studying at the University will be the most unforgettable and beautiful time in their lives. They gave best wishes to DMU and hope that all international students cherish opportunities and achieve success in their studies


All international students and graduates signed their names and wrote their wishes on the graduation message wall. This moment is not only recorded in the camera, but also deeply ingrained in the hearts of everyone.


Subsequently, the party officially kicked off, with representatives of international students from more than 10 countries and Chinese classmates bringing exciting programs such as dance, popular songs, ethnic songs, and instrument performances. The Sea Blue band, composed of teachers and international students, pushed the atmosphere of the party to its peak. On and off stage, there was a lively interaction, with applause and cheers echoing one after another. The party came to an end in the chorus of 'See You Again', marking a complete and ceremonial end to an unforgettable study journey.


Exercises done one after another earn excellent grades; A book that has been flipped through has exchanged for a heavy paper; When holding your graduation certificate in your hand, your eyes are filled with tears of joy and emotion; We know how much time and efforts, and how much expectations are behind this. May every international student, while gaining knowledge at DMU, not forget its spirit of striving forward and embracing all rivers. In the future journey, with the blue spirit of studying at DMU, lets actively strive and forge ahead.

Goodbye DMU, hello world. May you shine like stars on the stage of the world.


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