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Congratulations on your acceptance to DMU!We are delighted to have you as a new member ofDMU. The registration days for 2016 Spring Semester are from 3 to 4, March, 2016. The schoolaccommodation officially opens to new students on March 1, 2016. Starting at university can feel likestepping into the unknown, but there is no need to worry. By completing all relevant tasks in thechecklist below, you can ensure your arrival at DMU goes smoothly.  
Tuition Payment
1.The following fees should be paid upon registration: tuition, accommodation, accommodation deposit, and insurance. Both card swiping and cash are accepted. For insurance fee, please pay only in cash. Degree students are supposed to pay at least one academic year tuition upon registration; non-degree students pay tuition according to the study period.
2. 75% tuition could be returned if students drop out within the first two weeks of a semester. 50% tuition could be returned if students drop out within the first three weeks of a semester. No tuition could be returned or transferred if students drop out later than the first three weeks. Registration fee would not be returned in any case.
3.If a student drop out after getting a valid visa, visa status must be changed before getting tuition back.

Note: International students could also remit money by wire transfer to the account of Dalian Maritime University from outside China.

Bank name: Bank of China, Dalian High-tech Zone Branch
Bank address: 2 High-tech St., High-tech Zone, Dalian, China
TLX:86163 CDB CN
Account holder: Dalian Maritime University
Account: 3168 5632 6082